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If you order from our store, you will not be charge shipping or FFL fee as long as you order from our online store.
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You do not need anything else until you come in for your background check.
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Browse, purchase, then wait several days to pick up at our online transfer office in Sunnyvale, California.   It’s that easy.

Go to www.TacticCAL.com

NOTE:  Not all firearm are California complaint.   If you need help, fill out the contact form.  If for some reason you purchased a non-complaint firearm, we will let you know.   To find out what type of handgun are allowed by law to purchase, you can go to the California Handgun Roster here.


Tacticcal Gun Store

We heard and we are make changes.  Firearm owners wants the choices, fair prices, and convenience.  

As an online gun shop, TacticCAL Gun Store focuses on providing our customers with wider selection and competitive prices.  

FREE shipping and NO FFL FEE if you order from TacticCAL

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